Wasp and Hornet Control Maidstone

We guarantee our wasp nest control and treatment from £50!

At Kent County Pest Control, we understand the urgency sometimes associated with finding a wasp or hornet nest. We also understand that its important to deal with it safely and effectively. 

As such we can often provide a same day service for wasp nest control in and around Maidstone. 

As mentioned, we are so certain of our wasp nest treatment process we offer a full guarantee. What this means to you is that if the treatment were to fail, we will return and retreat absolutely free of charge! **Terms and conditions do apply and they can be found below.



We carry out an initial survey to rule out bees. We do not currently offer any Bee related services.

Wasp Nest Treatment

We carry out treatments using extending poles where possible. We can reach up to 8 metres without ladders!


We ensure the safety of others prior to carrying out a nest treatment. Nobody wants to get stung!


We offer a wasp nest removal service where appropriate and achievable. This can help to avoid rotting wasp nest matter in loft spaces.
Sting free treatments
Same day response
0 mins
Average treatment time

**Wasp and Hornet nest treatment terms. 

  • Wasp nest control starts at £50 for nests attached or within the property or building up to 8 metres high.
  • Additional nests are nests that are not attached to the first nest and they incur a £15 additional charge. 
  • Ground nest removal starts at £75 due to additional labour required for removal.
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