Spider control in Maidstone

Spiders can be the cause of serious anxiety! While not being a common pest issue in terms of volume of work, Kent County Pest Control does offer a Spider control service.

Spiders are considered to be in the most part a benefit to the environment but Arachnophobia is a serious fear of spiders and can cause panic attacks in sufferers.   

Some common spiders which may cause a pest related problem in the UK are False Widow spiders. We are seeing a large increase in this species throughout the UK. 

Treatments are usually simple and carried out quickly to eradicate the spider infestation problem. 

Brown spider


A full inspection is carried out to identify the spider species prior to treatment.


Treatments are usually in crack and crevice areas as well as lofts and external recesses.


Kent County Pest Control use contact and residual insecticides to ensure a longer lasting effect.


We are able to provide you with tips and advice post treatment to keep your home or business pest free.
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