Rat and Mouse control in Maidstone

Rats, mice and squirrels can be the cause of horrendous amounts of damage, both in the work place and at home. From gnawing wiring and causing potential fire risks to damaging pipework and spreading disease. And that’s not to mention the anxiety that sharing your home with unwanted guests can cause!

We provide multiple levels of service in regard to the control of rat and mice infestations in and around Maidstone. We cover commercial pest control and extermination and routine maintenance, as well as rodent detection and rat and mouse proofing in the work place or at home.

We always aim to establish what the route cause of the rodent infestation is, we are then able to offer an appropriate treatment plan or solution.

Kent County Pest Control also carry out clearance and decontamination of infested areas using appropriate disinfectants.



We carry out a detailed survey including night vision cameras to properly diagnose the pest issue.

Ethical Approach

We follow the CRRU (Click here for more) guidelines and codes of best practice.

Fully Documented

With every pest treatment you will receive comprehensive records of treatments carried out and a good explanation


The proof is in the proofing! Pest proofing is a vital part of the problem. Rest assured we will find out how the pests are getting in.
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