The proof is in the proofing!

Kent County Pest Control provide a comprehensive pest proofing service, from rodent proofing to bird proofing. 

Treating the pest problem is often only half the battle. Our pest proofing service means the rodents are not getting back in. 

We have a variety of products in our pest proofing arsenal to guarantee that those pests stay out! 

From wire wool, cements and mesh we ensure that the most effective rodent proofing products are in place.

From air brick proofing to large scale pest proofing, we have you covered!

rat damaged airbrick
mouse mesh covers

We use mouse mesh products by Roshield for any rodent proofing around air bricks. These products are manufactured in the UK and have served us well in terms of overall reliability and longevity.  

mouse air brick cover

Kent County Pest Control also carry out the installation of Rat Drain Valves also called Rodent Drain Guards. These are installed into drain (sewer outlet) systems. Below you can see a valve as fitted by us. They offer a great fix for rats who gain access to your building using the drains. 

  • One way systems that allow rats to escape but stop any further ingress. 
  • Discreet installation which is hidden in your sewerage outlet. 
  • A far cheaper alternative to having drains sleeved or repaired.
  • A quick reliable fix for rats in drains. 
  • Slotted into the faulty sewer outlet and secured to the drain wall. 
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