Moth control

Kent County Pest Control has you covered when it comes to Moth infestations.  There are many varieties of moths in the UK but common pests are usually the Carpet, Clothes or Meal Moths. 

Indian Meal Moth

  • Often finds harbourage in food storage areas or containers 
  • Lays eggs in cracks and crevices and food, particularly in areas of grain. 
  • Will eat plant based foods such as pet food, cereal, nuts, bread, pasta, flour etc
Indian Meal Moth
clothes moth

Clothes or Carpet Moths 

  • Feed on clothing and natural fibres
  • Will also consume grains
  • Larval stage causes damage to natural based fibre materials. 
  • Enjoy dark or low light areas
  • Larvae will often be found under furniture
Treatment methods

Kent County Pest Control offer multiple options for the treatment of moth infestations;

  • Heat or steam treatment 
  • Chemical treatment 
  • Freeze treatment
  • Deep clean of infested area
  • Monitoring

Examples from moth infestations treated by us;

moth monitor
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