Ant control in Commercial and Residential premises.

Ants eating an apple


Every treatment starts with an inspection to establish the type of Ant in question.


The correct pest control treatment will be selected. This could be powders, sprays or gels.


Advice will be given as to how another infestation can be avoided.


Following your Ant pest control treatment it will be necessary to monitor any further activity.

When it comes to Ant pest control in Maidstone, we have you covered. There are several different types of Ant treatments available. We offer all treatment options including;

  • Spraying of insecticide
  • Dusting insecticide powders 
  • Gel bait treatments 

Below you can see an ant’s nest that we are treating with a gel bait.  The ants were taking full advantage of the cracks around flooring and doors to gain access to the property.

Please note that different Ants require different treatment types and different insecticides.  Over the counter ant products can often lead to larger nest problems due to being a contact killer with no residual or nest impacting capabilities.  

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