Pest Control And Understanding Rats..

Pest Control And Understanding Rats..

Pest Control And Understanding Rats..

Its only when you start to think about the basic needs of a rodent that you start to understand how to find them and control them.

Rats and Mice rely on the most basic of animal instincts. They need a supply of food and water and preferably a safe place to live (Nest). Once we are able to restrict/ stop the supply of food and water we present the rodents with a problem. Rats rely on drinking a certain amount of water whereas Mice can survive with little water and most of which being found in their food.

At Kent County Pest Control we first look at how the Rats or Mice are getting into your property (Domestic or Commercial). A large amount of pest control problems can be solved by just stopping the pests getting in, in the first place. This can all to often be drain faults allowing access into the property through cracked or damaged sewer systems or drain entry points. We will always carry out a survey of external entry points prior to entering the problem area. Its not uncommon to find the entry points around drain waste pipes. This offers access to the warm wall cavity and a supply of water.

Should sewer or drain access be the issue, we will deal with when possible using the appropriate proofing equipment. We will always offer advice on Rodent proofing your property and can in most cases offer a Rodent proofing service.

When inside the property we will start to look for signs of runs or damage. Rats and Mice are notorious for damaging wiring and gnawing just about anything. This can cause fire risks or many other risks to health. In many instances you will not see the damage to wiring as this is in the most part, damaged in non-obvious areas such as lofts or building voids.

Before we start any treatment we carry out an Environmental Risk Assessment to ensure that any treatment we do will not have a negative effect on any other wildlife (Non target species).

We will start any treatment with a lure and trapping treatment. This gives us a chance to assess the levels of infestation if not immediately obvious. We follow this up baiting using approved ‘Rodentecide’s’. We always apply the correct quantities to manage the level of infestation. As part of any treatment plan, we will always remove any carcasses found and any old or unused baits or poisons.

We aim to leave you rodent free, having eradicated the issue quickly and efficiently.

We offer both Commercial and Domestic solutions to Rodent infestations and are always on hand to help – Call 07530 585588 to discuss your needs.

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